frozen monday





The snow is still falling and the temperature is dropping around these woods. Over the weekend our kitchen water froze, both the hot and cold. Jeff and his father worked on it on Saturday, and we currently have hot water. If everything goes well, we should have cold water this evening too. If you can imagine, our sink and countertops are full of dirty dishes. One load at a time today, and since it’s getting pretty cold, I’ll be staying indoors. Tonight should drop down to -13 degrees. I love this frozen winter weather. Grace’s favorite part of the snow is eating it and running around saying “Weee!” all through the yard. But we’ll stay in the house today next to our cozy fire.

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Hello. I'm a mother of two, wife to an engineer, living in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. I hum to the Lord all day long and find beauty along the way.
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  1. T. D. Davis says:

    Great pictures. It makes me wish mine were little again.

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